Rainbow Quay Residents Company Ltd.

About Us

Rainbow Quay is a development of 144 flats in Rotherhithe, London, situated between two of the former docks of the Surrey Docks system, which was closed during the 1970s. It overlooks the river Thames and Canary Wharf which is the other side of the river. There is also a basement garage with CCTV surveillance and a pleasant shared garden. The flats are planned around fourteen staircases, each with a separate entrance. There is no lift or on site porterage staff, hence the service charges are comparatively low.

The freehold is owned by Secure Reversions Ltd, and the estate is managed by the Rainbow Quay Residents Company Ltd, (the Management Company) in which each leaseholder has one share. The board of Directors of this Company is elected at the annual general meeting in November. Executive management is carried out by Rynew Management Ltd acting as the Managing Agent.